Mine Bitcoin using Your PC and get free Bitcoin


Bitcoin (₿)Get Free Bitcoin Using PC By Mining is digital currency, while not a financial organization or single administrator, which will be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network whereas not the requirement for intermediaries.Transactions unit of measurement verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded throughout a public distributed ledger called blockchain.


Mining is technical process of creating a New Coin and validating cryptocurrency transactions on a blockchain network. Bitcoin mining is also called mining But it More and more high technical process so it will Take Time as long. But simply doing Mining in a Mining Pool is better.

Mining Pool

In Individual Mining, is Take More Time and energy. So It an Another Way Called Mining Pool. Mining Pool is a Combine Area of Miners So That cases increase chances to mine a block. If it successful the reward will be given to all miners.


Many people don't Know what is hashrate is used to measure the computational power

Of your PC. If Your device have high hashrate You can earn higher.

Ok Next come to the point

How to mine bit coin

If you Are ready to mining let get started:

Equinment Needed:

  1. Computer (PC)/ ASIC Machine

  2. Graphics card Important*

First go Nicehash


There is a two option First one is Auto Detection and second One is Manual Selection

I always use Manual Selection , just click and enter Your Graphic card name , it will show you how You will get profit from this graphic card , if you don't know your graphic card name , Then You click the First option Auto Detection mode it will detect Your hardware get how profit. First Note it !

*If it not showing your graphic card name it means Your graphic card was not supported *

Then Create Account in Nicehash and go to the Download Center and download the new version.

Download center

and install the software. And Run the software

Then add your graphic card and don't add your internal graphic card casuse lag of your PC.

and that's all just click the mining button In nicehash. First benchmark then it will start mining.

Additional feature In Nice hash

  1. First Nice Hash have a app in playstore use this to watch anytime anywhere your PC Mining

2. Minium Payouts as 0.001 BTC

3. By Mining get Cryptocurrencies And Trade it.

It is a way of mining but professional miners use this way the are directly go Mining pools

but beginnings use it way.

if you want to be a build a professinal mining PC

Change Your OS to HiveOS it is best OS for Mining it have free and paid versions

So don't worry!

If You have any doubts and questions ?

Don't worry comment your problems , feedback

I Will have You! Thanks for reading!

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