Best Game Booster 4x Faster Your Android Mobile

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Game Booster is enhance your gaming performance and fix game lags in serious titles. The application allows you to tweak the RAM, CPU, and GPU settings for the most effective system optimisation potential on your device

Razer Cortex Games

Razer Cortex Games it's game booster. It optimize Your android Mobile to reduce Lang and enhance Your gaming performance. Truly RAZER may be a gaming manufacture company that styles, develops, and sells shopper physics, monetary services, and gambling hardware. therefore this Razer Cortex Games Booster one among the most effective Game Booster.


Maximize your gaming expertise with gambling MODE, wherever you'll tack together most well-liked settings such as setting your phone to try and do Not Disturb mode to guarantee no interruption to be activated any time you begin up a game.

Get into your games quicker with Cortex Play game launcher options. No a lot of rummaging through your phone’s apps for that game you simply downloaded, after you have all mechanically organized and at your fingertips.


What reasonably gamer ar you? show achievements and trophies on a custom profile that additionally breaks down your mobile gaming habits from your favorite genre, total hours vie, to the period of a mean session


Earn Razer Silver whereas you game on automaton devices, and use these loyalty points to redeem Razer gear, games, and more!


  • Bluetooth Lock

  • Maximum Brightness

  • DO not Disturb

  • Vibrate On Tap

  • Refresh Rate Monitor

  • Toggle Haptic

  • Toggle VFX

Official FAQ

What does Cortex Games offer?

  • Discover - Featured page for curated mobile game recommendations. Paid to Play games lets you earn Razer Silver while gaming on Android

  • Play - Efficient library display and easy launching of game apps. Offers a Gaming Mode button to set gaming preferences on your phone.

  • Achieve – Level up and earn experience points by taking on our game achievements.

Which smartphones support Cortex Games?

The application is available for download on most Android devices, specifically Android OS 7.1 and higher. Game Booster is exclusively available for Razer Phone 1 and 2 only.

Which countries is Cortex Games available in?

The application is available for download in: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Spain and Finland.

Are there any exclusive in-app features for Razer phones?

Yes! Game Booster is an exclusive in-app feature only for Razer phones that allows you to customize games and phone performance profiles. With the ability to tweak the CPU, screen refresh rate and anti-aliasing values for each game, Game Booster will optimize your Razer phone for the best mobile gaming experience, and activates the instant you launch a game from the in-app library.

In the Discover tab, what do games in the 120Hz games category offer?

These are games that have 120Hz UltraMotion refresh rate enabled—an option all Razer Phone users can customize in-game via Game Booster.

Can Cortex Games for Android be used offline?

While you’ll be able to view your game library and use Game Booster (for Razer Phones), you won’t be able to enjoy the app’s features to earn Razer Silver while mobile gaming. For the best experience, we highly recommend using the app while connected.

For PC Players:


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